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Twinkle twinkle little star is a short musical piece I composed and recorded last evening.

This piece consists of 56 measures. It is 1 minute 52 seconds long. The music is composed of four tracks. This is my second attempt at recording music with multiple tracks. The last such attempt was more than two years ago when I composed and recorded 'A few notes'.

The links to the audio files, sheet music, etc. are provided below. The files reside in my website. In case, my website is down, the YouTube link provided below should still work.

The four tracks in this piece are:

  1. Grand piano
  2. Slow strings
  3. Xenon pad
  4. Music box

This arrangement is based on the popular melody of the nursery rhyme called Twinkle, twinkle, little star. The melody is played with the treble notes of the piano. I wrote the bass notes for the piano and the strings, and the high notes for the pad and the music box to fill the music with emotions of love and happiness. I recorded this after about two hours of practice.

Random post

I moved out of my hometown, Rajgangpur and went to Purulia for 2 years to do my higher secondary studies. Internet was still not popular in those days and we used to write letters to stay in touch with school friends. I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who was annoyed with me because I hadn't written any letter to him for months.


You may feel I'll forget you
In the many lonely years to come,
But it'll prove to absolutely true
Only on 31st day of the 4th month.

A friend once forgotten is a person,
In our case it is very different,
Though insincerity of mine has been the obvious trend,
But you're not any person, you're a friend.

I broke my so called inaudible silence
When you wrote your blues in a letter much later.
I am a stupid guy, says the apparent occurrence.
Please forgive me as you know it better.

You are there in the core of my core
And don't you ever try to deny that.
I need not bore you any more
Because the word 'friend' itself is the greatest fact.