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Twinkle twinkle little star is a short musical piece I composed and recorded last evening.

This piece consists of 56 measures. It is 1 minute 52 seconds long. The music is composed of four tracks. This is my second attempt at recording music with multiple tracks. The last such attempt was more than two years ago when I composed and recorded 'A few notes'.

The links to the audio files, sheet music, etc. are provided below. The files reside in my website. In case, my website is down, the YouTube link provided below should still work.

The four tracks in this piece are:

  1. Grand piano
  2. Slow strings
  3. Xenon pad
  4. Music box

This arrangement is based on the popular melody of the nursery rhyme called Twinkle, twinkle, little star. The melody is played with the treble notes of the piano. I wrote the bass notes for the piano and the strings, and the high notes for the pad and the music box to fill the music with emotions of love and happiness. I recorded this after about two hours of practice.

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Here is a practical problem from a factory. There are illiterate workers who can not identify digits and do not know in which order they occur. They are supposed to fill cans with a certain weight of a given material. With a beam balance this is easy since a worker can place the required weight in one pan and keep pouring the material in another pan as long as the beam doesn't appear to be balanced. However, this factory uses digital weighing scales. What do you think is the easiest way to train the workers to do their job with a digital weighing scale apart from teaching them how to count or altering the digital weighing scale?

Note that the workers may be asked to fill a can with 3.1 kg of material, i.e. decimal fractions may be involved.

Update: Prunthaban's solution in the comments was successfully implemented at OCL India Limited, Rajgangpur. Thanks, Prunthaban.