Comments on Global Palindrome Day

ph2082 said:

So it happened like 900 years ago and after the next one it will almost take 900 years for it to happen again. And I am alive on one of this rare event. Need to cut cake. :)

Egbert Teeselink said:

I love the term "middle endianness" and how clearly it highlights how nuts the American date notation is.

FWIW, in my native language, most numbers from 100 and 1000 are pronounced middle endian, so I'm not complaining.

Thorrez said:

Little endian notation is somewhat mixed endian itself, because it contains 3 numbers, each number by itself is big endian, but the 3 numbers are arranged in little endian fashion amongst each other.

snowe2010 said:

Wow! Pretty significant since the last one was 908 years ago. Next one isn't for 101 years!

smegnose said:

Hahahajaha. "Middle Endian" When will Americans just admit they're the only country that managed to screw up their date syntax. Just switch to ISO already so you can keep the month-day sequence, and no one can possibly mistake which number the year is.

Danto Thomas said:

Good information.