About Me

Hi! I am Susam Pal. This page provides a brief introduction about me.


I am a security software developer. I currently work as a Senior Architect in Walmart Labs. In the past, I have worked in the software development teams of Oracle Database Security, RSA Security, and Finacle e-Banking Security. For more details, see my professional work details.


I have a keen interest in free and open source software. I have been a contributor of security features to Apache Nutch, an open source search engine. I also develop and maintain a few open source projects of my own at GitHub. For more details, see my open source work details.

When not involved with technology, I like reading books, playing the piano, and travelling.


I am usually online as spal (my nick) on Freenode IRC. I hang out at various channels like #lisp, #python, #debian, ##math, ##algorithms, ##security, etc.

The ##algorithms channel on Freenode was founded by me in 2007 when there was no such channel dedicated to the subject of algorithms. It started as a tiny community of about 10 members from the ##math channel and then gradually grew to have over 200 members within a few years.

I also have a tiny personal channel named #fd100 on Freenode IRC where some of my friends and I hang out. Please feel free to join it and talk to me. To talk to me privately, enter the command /query spal on Freenode IRC.

I also hang out on Twitter as @susam. I tweet, quite infrequently, about technology, programming, and mathematics there. Please feel free to follow me there if you are interested in these topics. To send a tweet to me on Twitter, click here.


I have been told many times that my name, "Susam", is a little unusual which makes it difficult for others to figure how to pronounce it. It is pronounced almost like the English words "sue sum". Here's the IPA pronunciation of my name: /suːsʌm/. However you may call my name however you find most natural, convenient, or intuitive. I do not mind mispronunciations of my name at all whatsoever.

I am also often asked if my name has any meaning. In many Indian languages, "su" means good and "sam" means even, so my name is supposed to mean good and even.