This page lists some tools and programs I have written to solve some problems. Some of them have proved to be very useful to me. I believe all good and useful things should be shared as freely as possible and therefore, I am sharing these under a free software license.

Brainfuck compiler

bfc is a Brainfuck compiler. It compiles programs written in the Brainfuck language to machine code for Linux running on Intel or AMD microprocessor.

Brainfuck interpreter

bfi is a Brainfuck interpreter. It interprets and executes Brainfuck code. It is a machine independent interpreter written in C.

Vimtab for Windows

Vimtab is a Windows batch script that can be used to open files in new tab pages in gVim. Additionally, it can also be used to register a context menu option for files to open them in new tab pages in gVim by right clicking the files.


QuickQWERTY is a touch typing trainer. This software may be used to train your fingers to identify the keys. Once the user completes all the units properly, he/she should be able to type any English text without looking at the keyboard. The software trains the user to use the right fingers for every key.