Waiting for dawn is my second attempt at composing music. I made the first attempt while I was taking musical keyboard lessons from Jason. He is an excellent teacher and very passionate about teaching, playing and composing music. He corrected most of my bad playing habits and taught us some good stuff in a short span of time. However, I dropped out of the lessons pretty soon after a few weeks of lessons to take care of some personal affairs.

I composed this piece after dropping out of the keyboard lessons. The links to the audio files, sheet music, etc. are provided below. The files reside in my website. In case, my website is down, the YouTube link provided below should still work.

This piece consists of 147 measures. It is approximately 4 minutes 28 seconds long.

The mental image I had while composing this piece was that of a guy, sitting alone in a dark night, waiting for the night to pass and the dawn to arrive. 0:00–1:30 of the piece represents the night. 1:30–2:15 is the time when the darkness starts fading away and the sky turns red. Everything after 2:15 is about welcoming and enjoying the dawn.

For me this mental image doesn't just represent a particular night passing away due to the rotation of our planet. It represents how we should handle tough times, heartbreaks, loss, etc. in our personal lives. We should remain calm, wait for tough times to pass and good times to come, and when the bad times give way to good times again, we should welcome and enjoy the good times.

I am pretty happy with what I composed but not so happy with the way I played it on the keyboard. There are some errors in the timing and loudness of certain notes but my friends don't seem to notice them.

In case you have any feedback, suggestions and tips that would help me to improve my musical skills, please feel free to post a comment.



Surya Narayanan said:

Very soothing. Made my night. Thanx and keep them coming. Hoping to have a jam session one day. :)

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