I often have terrible and strange dreams when I am sick. Such a dream is strange because there is no visual component in the dream. It's composed of thoughts and sometimes accompanied with noise or voices.

I had one such dream in 2006. I was developing the digital signature and trusted time stamping feature for Finacle e-Banking in those days. One day, I returned from the InfyBLOGs birthday party with a huge piece of the birthday cake. I distributed it among my teammates and ate the rest of it. I ate a lot of it. My stomach did not accept so much cream and cake and I started vomiting at night. I had strange and uncomfortable dreams again. The description of the dream might sound funny but it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant. I struggled to sleep peacefully.

Everytime, I would wake up to throw up and go back to sleep, I would have the following kind of thoughts in my dreams:

My stomach is not happy with the cake because the cake is digitally signed with a private key for which my stomach does not have the public key. My stomach tries to verify the signature of the cake with all the public keys it has. The verification fails. It rejects the cake and I end up vomiting.
Do you see such weird sick dreams? There are many related interesting discussions on the web.

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Chidambaram Annamalai said:

I can only wish I did. Dreaming about public key cryptography has to be awesome.

Thanks for sharing a recipe for sick dreams. I think my sickness threshold for cake will be much lesser because I already hate cake as is, so the initiation should be less painful.

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