Many people who go on vacation set up auto-replies in their email clients that automatically respond to emails sent to their inboxes and inform the senders that the recipient is on vacation.

Often they promise in their auto-replies that they would revert back to me after they are back from the vacation. Some of them promise to revert back to my emails instead.

I've never understood how they could revert to being me or my emails because they never were me or my emails. They were always themselves right from their birth. However, even with this confusion, I've always eagerly waited for them to return from vacation so that I could watch them transform into me or my emails. But they have never kept the promise they make in their auto-replies. They have never transformed into me or my emails.

I asked Pragyan, a good friend of mine, whether this is really possible and she told me that in this century when science has advanced so much that biologists can create synthetic life, it shouldn't be surprising that other people can transform into me or my emails. She might have a point there but without any evidence, this whole notion of a person turning into another person or an email seems like a big hoax to me.

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Santosh Ayalasomayajula said:

Yes, it's a common mistake to say 'revert back'. The 'back' is not necessary.

Even the word 'revert' is not used correctly by many. 'Reply' could be used as a safe and correct word instead. But we can't correct people now since this phrase 'revert back' has been ingrained in communication among Indian professionals so intensely that to separate it out is a herculean task.

Good to see you making this point clear by this post. Thanks.

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