This is a poem I wrote during my childhood days for a girl who used to tie me Rakhi on every Rakshabandhan. I was glad that this made her happy.


Night after night the moon alters its phase,
Month after month to be full it swells
To shower on us its milky rays
But in none of them delight dwells
As much as it does on that full-moon night,
When to me the moon is utterly bright,
When the silver disc illumes the earth gleefully
And ushers in Rakshabandhan with its ecstacy.

This is the day for which every year I wait
When you are there with the lovely thread bracelet
To tie on my wrist exquisite love's emblem
And I accord you toffees with love amidst them.

I wish these moments pause forever
And stay with me with the fragrance,
But doesn't relent the time austere
And soon it bereaves me of their presence.

Then comes again the annoying mundane
With those moments treasured in my heart, I live;
And of course with a duty to promptly lend
You a helping hand whenever you need
So here is a promise I make, my dear sister;
That whenever you feel you need to count on me,
Just turn behind and I'll be right there
To succour you whatever the plight may be.



Prunthaban said:

Interestingly all of us are posting poems/stuff which we wrote long back. Did we lose out creative abilities after teenage or something?

BTW for me a girl tying a Rakhi would have been the day I used to be scared of and not one I waited for :P

Susam Pal said:

Interestingly, I was discussing the same thing with Wesley on chat. I was telling him that I may not be able to write poems now because it requires a good active vocabulary and I don't think I have a good active vocabulary now.

I don't think we lose our creative abilities as we grow up. Usually, our creative abilities become more focused on a certain field. Engineers usually focus their creative abilities on technical stuff, puzzles, etc. People who are less inclined to technology focus their creative abilities on other things.

During our childhood days, we are very greedy and we like to try out everything thus becoming jacks of all trades. As we grow up, we tend to become masters of few at the cost of neglecting others.

When I was a kid, I hardly thought about the inherent dangers of Rakshabandhan. :-P I was pretty innocent and I was fond of this girl who would always remember to tie me a Rakhi right from my childhood days.

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