I first came to know about Sunny Vaghela about one and a half years ago when I got an email from Sandip Dev of Sun Microsystems (now acquired by Oracle).

A couple of days ago, I found him again at attrition.org, a website that used to be the largest mirror of defaced websites.

Sunny Vaghela has found a place in attrition.org's charlatans watch list: Sunny Vaghela: Claims of Orkut Vulnerability Research. He is the third Indian to get into this list after Ankit Fadia and Sahil Khan.

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Arjit Srivastava said:

This is hilarious. Another charlatan off the hook? What up, Fadia? What up, Khan? And now, what up Vaghela? Seriously, plagiarizing an entire book by Sahil Khan, was not enough?(Not entirely, yeah 99+%!) and now this new guy? What's actually wrong with these so called "whiz-kids"?

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