Last evening, I went to watch a movie at INOX (4th floor of Garuda Mall), Magrath Road, Bangalore, with Sunita, a friend of mine. After watching the movie, we went to the third floor and found something like a Scary House. It was called: The Maze.

As a kid, I loved solving mazes. In fact, The Crystal Maze was my favourite television game show in those days. These days I find them silly but I still love solving them. Here is one that I solved recently:

A sign board at the counter of The Maze mentioned that it contains a confusing maze of mirrors and the experience would be scary. Both of us loved the experience of Scary House and I loved mazes as well. So, we bought two tickets and entered.

TicketsAs we entered, we found it dark with some lights in the ceiling which helped us to see our reflection in the mirrors. At every step we were bumping into our own reflection in some mirror. It wasn't really scary but it was interesting as the mirrors were terribly confusing. Initially, we felt that we were completely lost. However, after a few steps and turns we could see bright light in some of the mirrors. It appeared like the reflection of the exit. So, I made a plan.

I used the reflection of what seemed like the exit to guide us to the exit. The plan, if written as an algorithm would look like this:

  1. See the mirrors and consider the mirrors where the exit can be seen.
  2. Among these mirrors, select the mirror where the reflection of the exit appears to be the nearest.
  3. Make a rough estimate of the direction of the exit from the reflection.
  4. Walk towards the estimated direction.
  5. Go to step 1 if the exit has not been found.
As a result of this plan, we arrived at the source of those bright lights in less than a minute. The source of the bright lights wasn't really the exit but it was very close to the exit. The place was bright because it was beautifully decorated with lights.

The guard was waiting there for us and he was very disappointed to see us arrive there so soon. He requested us to go back into the maze and have more fun. But we didn't like the idea. It was dark inside and we would find our way out very soon anyway. We wanted to exit. However, he asked us to wait there for a while. Probably they were not ready with the exit surprise which is usually a loud bang near the exit door.

After a few minutes of waiting, he asked us to proceed. We walked into a dark tunnel and found the door to the exit. The loud bang did happen just before we opened the door and came out.

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