Here's a puzzle I came up with when a false fire alarm went off in our office. In the following dialogue, R is my colleague and S is me.

S: Hey! There's a fire alarm. Run!
R: You run.
S: No, I am a true programmer. My job is to keep programming even at the
face of death.
R: Really?
S: Yes, just like … Oh, wait! Let me ask this as a puzzle. There
is at least one profession in which you can not quit your job even if
there is fire. The job requires you to keep working even though there is
fire and you as well as your entire team is going to die.
R: Firefighting?
S: No, firefighters may have the option to exit a building on fire if
the fire poses danger to their lives. I'm talking of a profession where
there is no such option.
R: Hmm.


Rohan said:

Wow, would have thought of something but the statement "you as well as your entire team is going to die" keeps asking me y the hell i would do such a job if i am sure of dying :(

Susam Pal said:


Perhaps because the job usually doesn't involve dying. :)

Prunthaban said:

I can only think of Astronauts in space. :-|

Susam Pal said:


Yes, that is a valid answer. There is a similar and more common profession as well which is a valid answer.

Prunthaban said:

Or another one is the "stunt guys" who set themselves ablaze after wearing special suits. But usually they have the option to call for help if the fire goes beyond control.

But the best fit could be "Army". They are expected to enter flaming buildings to fight and they continue to fight till death ;-)

Will post if I get more ideas :P

Susam Pal said:


Stuntmen and army men also have the option to stay away from fire. It is just that they chose to engage in it. I feel 'astronaut' is a better answer since if the spacecraft catches fire they have no option as far as I know. As far as I know, spacecrafts usually do not have ejection seats.

Prunthaban said:

Thought of pilots, but then they can escape from it I guess.

Susam Pal said:

'Commercial pilots' is the answer I had in my mind. They can not escape. They keep working until the plane crashes or they become unconscious.

v sayikiran said:

I think a Chef. He has to cook food for himself and others. Without fire he cannot cook. If he quits then everyone will die of hunger......This might sound silly..I think it is best answer.

Desi Bander said:

Well, personal safety is a, in that sense all jobs have 'options' to protect one self. If there is a fire, everyone will try to protect themself. astronaut got escape pods & in space need oxygen4fire, commercial pilot can get-out of landed-plane. I think the only right answer could be the guy who works in Hell. Because, he has to work no matter if fire is small or big.

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