This is a poem I wrote for a friend when I was in school. The last two lines are inspired from an Archies card.


All days come but once in annum,
Amongst them all very special are few,
Amongst the few you love the most is one,
The day when the world got you.

You celebrate the day you're born
And want your chums to be near.
I regret that I left you lorn,
Hope you pardon me, O dear!

Shamelessly I wish you, 'A belated very happy birthday'.
Though I know, now it is very late;
But I swear, I didn't forget your birthday
I just forgot the date.

I moved out of my hometown, Rajgangpur and went to Purulia for 2 years to do my higher secondary studies. Internet was still not popular in those days and we used to write letters to stay in touch with school friends. I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who was annoyed with me because I hadn't written any letter to him for months.


You may feel I'll forget you
In the many lonely years to come,
But it'll prove to absolutely true
Only on 31st day of the 4th month.

A friend once forgotten is a person,
In our case it is very different,
Though insincerity of mine has been the obvious trend,
But you're not any person, you're a friend.

I broke my so called inaudible silence
When you wrote your blues in a letter much later.
I am a stupid guy, says the apparent occurrence.
Please forgive me as you know it better.

You are there in the core of my core
And don't you ever try to deny that.
I need not bore you any more
Because the word 'friend' itself is the greatest fact.

I composed this poem after watching the sunset at Kanyakumari.


When the sun goes down and the night sets in,
The colours around us are hard to see,
But look above, the stars are blinking,
Sailing across the sky very slowly.
Assuring us that time goes on,
That the night would end and dawn would dawn.

When the heart breaks and the pain is overwhelming,
Thoughts are gloomy and feelings are clumsy,
But be calm and strong, count each blessing
That is still with you, holding up firmly.
They will live and grief would be gone.
The heart would mend and joy would dawn.

Here is a piece of music with similar emotions that I composed one night: Waiting for dawn.

This is a poem I wrote during my childhood days for a girl who used to tie me Rakhi on every Rakshabandhan. I was glad that this made her happy.


Night after night the moon alters its phase,
Month after month to be full it swells
To shower on us its milky rays
But in none of them delight dwells
As much as it does on that full-moon night,
When to me the moon is utterly bright,
When the silver disc illumes the earth gleefully
And ushers in Rakshabandhan with its ecstacy.

This is the day for which every year I wait
When you are there with the lovely thread bracelet
To tie on my wrist exquisite love's emblem
And I accord you toffees with love amidst them.

I wish these moments pause forever
And stay with me with the fragrance,
But doesn't relent the time austere
And soon it bereaves me of their presence.

Then comes again the annoying mundane
With those moments treasured in my heart, I live;
And of course with a duty to promptly lend
You a helping hand whenever you need
So here is a promise I make, my dear sister;
That whenever you feel you need to count on me,
Just turn behind and I'll be right there
To succour you whatever the plight may be.

Here is a poem I wrote when I was in 10th standard.


Friendship's the wine of life - says Young Edward.
The bible states - A faithful friend is the medicine of life.
I can dare to say, a friend is the nicest reward,
In fact a medicine you should have far and wide.
A friend cleanses your dirtiest dust
And so I say - A friend is a must.

If there is not a friend to name,
If there is not a person to help;
You are a candle without a flame,
A person who can't ever see himself.
A friend is one you truly trust
And so I say - A friend is a must.

To live a life in high spirits,
You need a friend far and near.
To illume your minikin merits
You need a friend very dear.
A friend never lets rights rust
And so I say - A friend is a must.

A person who judges you very right,
In your life who makes amend,
A person who serves as your guide,
Such a person is your friend.
A friend is with you in the biggest bust
And so I say - A friend is a must.

A friend is a person who is almost a mother,
Who can play the role of a father as well,
Who never lets you get into hot water,
Who is always there in your boat to sail.
A friend searches you in the greatest gust
And so I say - A friend is a must.

To have a friend is a vast plus
And so I say - A friend is a must.
To be deprived of it is the worst curse
And so I say - A friend is a must.
A friend is a must, a friend is a must.
I repeat - a friend is a must.

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