Flowers is my third attempt at composing music. I composed, played and recorded it last year but I scribbled it down and prepared the sheet music today. Hence, this blog post today.

The links to the audio files, sheet music, etc. are provided below. The files reside in my website. In case, my website is down, the YouTube link provided below should still work.

This piece consists of 161 measures. It is approximately 3 minutes 8 seconds long.

This piece of music embodies love, peace and joy. After I composed the first few notes and played it, someone told me that the notes bring an image of flowers in the mind. Most of the music emerged naturally from my mind. Some of the bass notes did not come out naturally and I decided them, quite artificially, to fill the music with a pleasant and peaceful mood. It took me a couple of days to compose this. I played and recorded this after a day of practice.


All days come but once in annum,
Amongst them all very special are few,
Amongst the few you love the most is one,
The day when the world got you.

You celebrate the day you're born
And want your chums to be near.
I regret that I left you lorn,
Hope you pardon me, O dear!

Shamelessly I wish you, 'A belated very happy birthday'.
Though I know, now it is very late;
But I swear, I didn't forget your birthday
I just forgot the date.


You may feel I'll forget you
In the many lonely years to come,
But it'll prove to absolutely true
Only on 31st day of the 4th month.

A friend once forgotten is a person,
In our case it is very different,
Though insincerity of mine has been the obvious trend,
But you're not any person, you're a friend.

I broke my so called inaudible silence
When you wrote your blues in a letter much later.
I am a stupid guy, says the apparent occurrence.
Please forgive me as you know it better.

You are there in the core of my core
And don't you ever try to deny that.
I need not bore you any more
Because the word 'friend' itself is the greatest fact.

Yachts sailing on Charles River Basin, Boston, MA, USA.
Day before yesterday, I returned from a two week trip to Massachusetts. I liked the US. It is a pretty nice country. Almost everyone who returns from the US speaks highly of the technological advancement, excellent highways, law and order, cleanliness, etc. they see in that country. Our country has tried a little to replicate the materialistic and tangible good things they have pretty well. The shopping malls, vending machines, the buildings of software companies, pubs, etc. of our country are very much like what they have. The stronger our country becomes economically, the more we would be able to emulate the US in this aspect. This aspect of the US is indeed very impressive.

I was more impressed by another aspect of the US: their culture. Respect, gratitude and freedom of expression seem to be deeply ingrained into their culture. I wish we could have some of it in our country as well. I'll list down some good things that I found in their culture that I would very much want in our country.

  1. Respect: I was not used to so much respect and friendly behaviour. In fact, in the first few days, I found it annoying when people who did not know me greeted me with 'Hi! How are you doing?'. But gradually, I got used to it. If I walked into a store, the cashier or some helper would greet me. If I walked into the office, the receptionist would greet me. If I stepped into a bus, the operator would greet me. If a pedestrian steps onto a zebra crossing with no signals near it, all vehicles stop and wait for the pedestrian to cross the road. There are proper rules to resolve what happens when two vehicles approach a crossroad at almost the same time. Usually, the traffic lights would stop the traffic on one road while the other road is in use, or it would ask the vehicles on one road to cross only when there is no vehicle on the other road. When there are no traffic signals to help, one who arrives at the crossroads first is the one who should be allowed to cross it first. What if there is some confusion in spite of all these elaborate rules? In my two week stay, I found that in case of confusion, one driver requests the other to cross first by using hand gestures.
  2. Gratitude: They thank you for almost every little thing they can. They just need an excuse to thank you. Here is an example. While walking into the office, I opened the door and entered. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind, "Thank you". I didn't even know there was someone behind me but he cared to thank me perhaps because he felt that I made it easier for him to enter by opening the door.
  3. Passion: I found them to be passionate about their work. It didn't seem like that they become engineers and doctors because their parents ask them to. They seemed like people who love what they do. However, it would be wrong to draw this conclusion from such a short stay in the US. Irrespective of whether this is true or not, I would definitely want the kids of our country to have the freedom to choose what they want to do.
  4. Love: Young couples express their love freely. It is common to see couples hugging or kissing in public. I am not sure why people of our country are shy of expressing love but do not hesitate to express hatred in front of the whole nation. Love is a good thing. Hatred isn't very pleasant.

I composed this poem after watching the sunset at Kanyakumari.


When the sun goes down and the night sets in,
The colours around us are hard to see,
But look above, the stars are blinking,
Sailing across the sky very slowly.
Assuring us that time goes on,
That the night would end and dawn would dawn.

When the heart breaks and the pain is overwhelming,
Thoughts are gloomy and feelings are clumsy,
But be calm and strong, count each blessing
That is still with you, holding up firmly.
They will live and grief would be gone.
The heart would mend and joy would dawn.

Here is a piece of music with similar emotions that I composed one night: Waiting for dawn.