About me

Work and interests

I am a programmer with a special interest in cryptography and application security. I work at RSA during the day and I am an open source hacker in the evening. I am a puzzle-freak and math-lover at all times. I have been a contributor to Nutch, an open source search engine. I am the author of QuickQWERTY, a touch typing tutor. I am also the author of cotpi puzzles. In my free time, I love watching science videos, reading books and playing music.

Online life

I am usually online as spal (my nick) on various IRC networks when I am free. If you want to talk to me, some good places to look for me would be #not-math, #math, #python, ##puzzles, etc. at irc.freenode.net. After logging in, send the IRC command: /query spal to talk to me.

I am also present on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Picasa.

Name: Meaning and pronunciation

My parents say it is a fusion of two words "su" and "sam". "su" stands for good. "sam" stands for balance. So it should mean a balance of good things. Most people find it difficult to pronounce my name. It is pronounced almost like the English words "sue some". Here's the IPA pronunciation: /suː'sʌm/.